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Marketing 101: Using Text Messaging (or...It's OK to be All Thumbs!)

January 2007
By: Jerry Thacker
On several recent occasions, I've seen young people riding bicycles and talking on cell phones. While we might doubt the safety of this practice, it does illustrate the connected nature of our society and how people are using cell phone technology at an earlier and earlier age.The number of people c...
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Agreement with Doctors Not to Refer for Abortion

January 2007
By: Anne O'Connor
Most pregnancy help centers and clinics have a referral list of obstetricians/gynecologists that they provide to their clients or patients for follow-up care. The centers and clinics want to guarantee that the doctor to whom they are referring will not unravel all of their hard work and steer the pa...
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The Art of Direct Mail

January 2007
By: Matt Waters
No matter what we say about "snail mail" and the price of stamps more than tripling since we were kids, the fact remains that a majority of Americans describe receiving mail as "a real pleasure," and 95 percent of us assess and sort our mail daily. There is a fondness for the old, reliable mailbox, ...
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Do All Things Really Work Together for Good to Those Who Love God?

January 2007
By: Cynthia Hsueh
If you told me 25 years ago that I would be walking alongside women in crisis pregnancies who were considering abortion as their solution, I would have laughed out loud. Although I had two school-aged children then, I knew no one who was experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, much less anything about ...
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Cloud of Witnesses

January 2007
By: Katie Wolfe
Harmony Ierley, photo available at May 2005 a local high school track star, "Julie," walked through our center's door. Upon the news of a positive pregnancy test, all Julie wanted was to do was what she knew best—run. Run from the reality of her unplanned pregnancy and get an ...
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