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MARKETING 101: Postcards

January 2008
By: Jerry Thacker
After 9/11, the world came to understand that even a simple white envelope could be a source of deadly poison. We all remember the anthrax scare. It was after that time that the use of medium-sized to jumbo postcards took off.The benefits of using postcards are clear. For one thing, you don't have t...
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January 2008
By: Dinah Monahan
"Mission Creep." No, it's not a creep on a mission! It is the term that is being used to convince centers that we should do nothing but pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Mission creep is a gradual process in which a mission's objectives change over time and reach too far, like creeping ivy in a backy...
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How to Impart the Love of Jesus Christ to Today's Post-Abortive Women

January 2008
By: Sydna Massé
Here are several ideas for loving women in the midst of pain:Encourage them to read their Bibles—Nothing is more inspirational than reading about Jesus healing the blind, ministering to the oppressed, and loving the sinful. Create a daily reading plan that includes reading one chapter in the New Tes...
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Single moms and their sons

January 2008
By: Stephanie Davenport
Over the years, we've learned about how a boy can be affected by not having a father around. We've discovered that he can be hurt in a number of areas by not having a masculine role model in his life. His sexuality, school performance, and life decisions all seem to suffer because of his fat...
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Adoption:A Part Of The Counseling Plan

January 2008
By: Linda Hull
The late Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's, helped push adoption into mainstream thinking. Consequently, when talking with a client, you will find that many have already thought of adoption and rejected it. Surprising? Yes. Only 1.4 percent of pregnant, single women place their babies for adoption acc...
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