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Thank You, Elaine Williams

January 2009
In Romans, chapter 16, the apostle Paul is inspired by the Holy Spirit to publicly thank individuals who have been used by God to minister to others and to himself. We would like to follow that scriptural example by expressing our heartfelt gratitude to Elaine Williams, who has been the assistant ed...
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Marketing 101: Be Prepared

January 2009
By: Jerry Thacker
What will the new year bring? Only God knows for certain, but there are several things we can count on for which we must. There will be hurting people who need help. Just because the economy does a downturn doesn't mean that people won't make less-than-wise decisions. Pregnancy Resource Centers n...
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January 2009
By: Dinah Monahan
Twelve years ago I started a tiny little center that was a half a room in a building shared with another ministry. I was the receptionist, client advocate, and director—and the cleaning lady also. Never, in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what God was going to do with our ministry. Nev...
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The 2008 Election Results and Its Impact upon Pregnancy Resource Centers

January 2009
By: Thomas Glessner
There is no way to ignore the clear results of the election of 2008. The pro-life movement was taken to the cleaners as increased numbers of pro-abortion politicians on both the state and federal levels were elected. In addition, several states voted against the protection of life in ballot initiati...
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Guerilla Fund-Raising

January 2009
By: Ron Haas
What guerilla forces lack in resources, they make up for in tactics. The same concept can be applied to your fund-raising efforts. Your local secular university is probably a fund-raising juggernaut led by a vice president for advancement and a full team of professionals, including an annual fund di...
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