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MARKETING 101: Spiral Wishing Wells

January 2010
By: Jerry Thacker
Every pregnancy care center needs to raise money. Sometimes an annual appeal at a banquet or a golf tournament or the monthly gifts that people contribute and the gifts of concerned churches and businessmen are enough to put a foundation under the ministry. However, most of the centers I've encounte...
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AT THE COLLEGE TOWN CENTER: Realities of the Pregnant or Parenting Student

January 2010
By: Marcia Warmkessel
"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." Previously we focused on the frustrations faced by pregnant and parenting students — mainly the areas of housing and childcare. These account for just the initial concerns expressed by your student client. However, there is much more...
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Should A Nonprofit Organization Tithe?

January 2010
By: Ron Haas
Larry Burkett, the late co-founder of Crown Financial Ministries, was a pioneer in applying Christian principles to personal and business financial management. His impact on how Christians view debt, work, saving, investing, giving, and retirement planning is still felt today through his 70-plus boo...
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God Uses Ordinary People

January 2010
By: Mark Hiehle
I once heard of a woman who had locked her keys in her car at a mall. Not having the funds to call a locksmith, she prayed and asked God to help her. Shortly after, a rough looking man came up to her and asked if she needed any help. She told him that her keys were locked in her car; and in no time,...
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Consumer Product Safety: Its Application to PRCs

January 2010
By: Anne O'Connor
The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) is a federal law that regulates the resale/redistribution of used consumer products. This law applies to pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) that distribute used items to clients through Earn While You Learn and similar programs. It is unlawf...
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