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Marketing 101

October 2000
By: Jerry Thacker
One of the most amazing things I have learned about marketing is the impact of price on the process of moving goods and services.People are schizophrenic when it comes to how they spend their money. They may drive a $40,000 vehicle but drive miles out of the way to buy the cheapest gas. They may wea...
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What the New Genetic Technologies Mean for the Pro-Life Movement

October 2000
By: Mark Blocher
"Genetics provides the ultimate answers to the chemical underpinnings of human existence. Knowing the complete human genome, we will know what it is to be human." -- James Watson, Nobel laureateNo one denies that the acquisition of genetic knowledge and the development of genetic technologies carry ...
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The Gift of Closure: Memorials for the Unborn

October 2000
By: Leslie Dean
After I came to terms with what I had done, I found healing and peace. But I wanted finally to give "life" to the baby I had denied for so long. This memorial provided me with that opportunity. My baby now has a name, and I have closure -- at last.Most memorials provide a place where we lay to rest ...
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Understanding Parenting Teenage Mothers

October 2000
By: Christa March
In 1988, while looking for organizations specifically serving parenting teenage mothers, I was saddened by the realization that very few such organizations existed. There were many organizations serving pregnant teenage mothers. However, after the birth of the child, few resources were available for...
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The Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer

October 2000
By: Joel Brind
What the Public Health Establishment and the Abortion Industry Won't Tell YouQuestion: "So in other words, a woman who finds herself pregnant at age fifteen will have a higher breast cancer risk if she chooses to abort that pregnancy than if she carries the pregnancy to term, correct?"Answer: "Proba...
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