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Operation Outcry

October 2001
By: Kathleen Cassidy
Now there is a voice for women who are no longer held captive by the lie.For almost thirty years, millions of people have held fast to the belief that "abortion helps women." It isn't true. Today, many women who once believed that abortions would solve their problems now know the devastating consequ...
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The Power of Regret

October 2001
By: Sydna Massé
The voices of the recovering post-abortive women working in your center are powerful testimonies to the grace and healing of Jesus Christ.As pregnancy resource centers see more abortion-minded clients, many leaders are asking how to reach these additional hearts for life. Often abortion-minded clien...
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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

October 2001
By: Jerry Thacker
As you travel down most highways, billboards line the side of the road. There are many who wish that billboards had never come into being because of their tendency to obscure bucolic pastures and rolling hills. Nevertheless, a billboard used properly can be an effective advertising tool for a pregna...
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The Church and the Center: An Uneasy Marriage

October 2001
By: Patrick McLaughlin
A pregnancy resource center needs to be a ministry partner with the local churches in its area. You, as a center, can be their outreach arm to meet the pro-life needs in your city, town, or village.As a former pastor, seminary graduate, short-term overseas missionary, and long-time church man, I bel...
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Looking for Love

October 2001
By: Debra O'Leary
Stacey sat alone in the waiting room wishing for good news but knowing in her heart that she would be told that she was pregnant. The distant, almost bored look in her eyes didn't betray the knot in her stomach. Mentally, she rewound the tape of the recent past and played back the day she met Steve....
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