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Marketing 101: Effective Use of E-Mail

October 2002
By: Jerry Thacker
While many ministries have been slow to adopt modern communications technology, Internet broadcast e-mail can be a low cost and effective way to keep in touch with donors and friends. More than 1 billion e-mail messages are sent each day. E-mail is replacing the fax machine in most business communic...
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Relationship Marketing: God's Plan For The Ages And Your Center

October 2002
By: Patrick McLaughlin
I have been consulting with Christian ministries since 1981. Since then, I have served well over 1,000 different ministry organizations, in a number of countries.Some of the hardest working servants in the kingdom today are directors of pregnancy centers throughout the USA and Canada. They write, sp...
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Conducting a Banquet Featuring a Live Ultrasound Demonstration

October 2002
By: Thomas Glessner
The annual pregnancy center banquet serves as a major focus for financial support of the center. Pregnancy help centers are discovering that a very effective way of raising money to help them convert their operations to medical clinic status is through a banquet featuring a live ultrasound demonstra...
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When They Abort Anyway

October 2002
By: Sydna Massé
PHOTOS BY TERRY WILD STUDIOSOne of the leading reasons for "burn out" in pregnancy care centers and post-abortion ministries is the discouragement that results when clients abort despite understanding the reality of this choice. They may have a hardened heart or feel they are facing impossible circu...
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Because I Love You

October 2002
By: Marisol Achanzar McRae
PHOTOS BY TERRY WILD STUDIOSSnow fell lightly. Myra stared through the picture window, watching itblanket a frozen earth. It's not fair! Why? I was careful... I was on the pill...This wasn't supposed to happen. She couldn't quiet her thoughts.Do Mario and Josie really want him? What if they are crue...
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