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MARKETING 101: You Would Look Good in Pictures

October 2003
By: Jerry Thacker
Our society is video saturated. The TV networks have conditioned us to expect to see events as they happen. That millions of us have video camcorders almost assures that all events of note will be caught on tape. In fact, monitoring cameras put the average American on video dozens of times per day (...
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Ministry Solitaire: Thriving in the Aloneness of Ministry Life

October 2003
By: Sydna Massé
It is difficult to avoid the feelings of isolation, for when people see you they are reminded of the "abortion" issue. It is a controversial issue that causes many people discomfort. And since that is the issue they associate with you, people tend to see you as a one-dimensional person. In order to ...
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Grants: An Overview of the Process

October 2003
By: Margaret Hartshorn
Some people think that and some of the advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in this article. Subsequent articles will cover the grants process in more detail and offer tips on writing persuasively.Matching the purpose of grantor and granteeThe grants process essentially involves a grantor ...
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Teens Need Some Myth Busters

October 2003
By: Joe McIlhaney
Teens deserve to hear from us that sex outside of marriage is wrong, that it is harmful, and that we have enough faith in them to believe they can make healthy decisions.It's a myth, you know, the inevitability of teen sex, that is. Though we warn teens against having sex and lament the statistics, ...
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At the Rural Center: Become an Asset in Your Local Church Community

October 2003
By: Dinah Monahan
This column is dedicated to smaller centers and will offer insight and ideas that work in a rural setting.In small towns, churches should be the backbone of support for their local pregnancy care center, but the nature of a small town can make it easier or more difficult for rural churches to fill t...
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