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Marketing 101: Improving Your Serve Via Good Information

October 2005
By: Jerry Thacker
Delivering consistent, personalized service should be the goal of every provider of goods and services. Whether you run a profit-making concern or provide services based upon the support you raise from interested supporters, your "face" to the client/consumer needs to be one of caring, competent ser...
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At the Rural Center: The CLIA Certificate of Waiver

October 2005
By: Dinah Monahan
Directors of rural centers have to be jacks-of-all-trades. We counsel, train, plan, write proposals, and clean toilets. Add to those tasks the need to stay on top of state and federal requirements, and it all can be a bit dizzying. So we may let some things slip. Getting a CLIA certificate of waiver...
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What Good Is Suffering?

October 2005
By: David O'Leary
When we seek to grow and seek to know God moredeeply, it is often His will to teach us through suffering.Jonathan Edwards, that great preacher and theologian from two hundred fifty years ago, once said, "If we are not disposed meekly to bear injuries, we are not fitted to live in the world, for in i...
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Sponsorship or Stewardship? There is a Difference

October 2005
By: Ron Haas
Will you sponsor me at five dollars per mile for Life Walk?""Would you underwrite a table at our fundraising banquet?""Will you purchase an advertisement in the book commemorating our tenth anniversary?""Would you sponsor a hole at our golf outing?"Sponsorship is a favorite fundraising tool of many ...
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Evangelism in the Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic Setting

October 2005
By: Thomas Glessner and Audrey Stout
The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) strongly believes that sharing the Gospel is an essential part of counseling women in pregnancy help medical clinics. The Gospel is the Truth, and, combined with the truth about unborn life and visual truth from an ultrasound exam, it is tr...
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