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Marketing 101

April 2000
By: Jerry Thacker
Perhaps you should take some time to review what happens from the time a client approaches your center and walks through your door. Do it with the intent of improving your service. There is a humorous British comedy on PBS entitled, "Are You Being Served?" The players in this typical British depart...
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Come and See: Helping People Come Face to Face with Jesus

April 2000
By: David O'Leary
The strength of a crisis pregnancy center is its relational approach. Real people are concerned about other real people. Dedicated Christian women and men are concerned for big people, the clients, and little people, the unborn children. That's why we give the time and energy. That's why we talk wit...
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The Open Adoption Option

April 2000
By: Marjori Masitto Krause
Kara stood in the doorway of her apartment watching several little children dash back and forth in the hallway. She gazed upon them kindly, mentally sharing in their fun. But as the noises the children made became louder and louder, her kindness evaporated. She became agitated. The children weren't ...
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The Role of the Nurse in the Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic

April 2000
By: Thomas Glessner
Providing Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound Because the use of ultrasound amounts to the practice of medicine, NIFLA strongly recommends that pregnancy help centers not attempt to use ultrasound unless they are operating as a licensed medical clinic under the laws of their states. The powerful impact...
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Resolving Adoption Issues

April 2000
By: Anne Pierson and Paula Smith
Adoption has experienced a major setback as abortion has moved to the top of the list of solutions for unwanted pregnancies. A 1999 survey of pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and other pro-life organizations by Loving and Caring, Inc. revealed that 82% of respondents provide adoption referrals a...
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