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Marketing 101: Elements of a Good Newsletter Design

April 2001
By: Jerry Thacker
Effective NewslettersColor communicates. Use it if you can afford to do it. Remember, PEOPLE make news.*Create a masthead that is consistent in each issue. *Headlines, titles, and captions are concise and inviting. *Variety in color, layout, and graphics. *A copy and design formula that is followed ...
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Teens and STDs

April 2001
Reducing Teen STD Risk Requires Focus on a Broader Range of Sexual ActivitiesWASHINGTON, D.C., December 19, 2000 -- More teenagers are at risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) than previously assumed, according to a new study that documents teen males' participation in a broad range of sexual...
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Please Help Me

April 2001
By: Laura Baker
It is important for a teen mom to understand how to identify and implement right choices in her life.The scene was all-too-familiar: a terrified, pregnant fourteen-year-old sobbing, "I'm so dirty, I'm so dirty." Already, the guilt was overwhelming. Unequipped to handle the reality of impending mothe...
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A Fundraising Power Tool

April 2001
By: Ron Haas
I was reading a home improvement magazine recently and noticed an article, "Ten Basic Tools for Every Homeowner." What do you have in that special drawer in the kitchen to help you do it yourself? First of all you must have a hammer; not that a hammer will fix every problem, but sometimes it just fe...
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Growing In God's Grace

April 2001
By: David O'Leary
We must learn what God wants from us and for us before we can move in that direction. That's why Christian growth begins with the knowledge of God's will and our desire to hear it.Christians grow in grace. There is no way to avoid it; it's a matter of life. The Gospel does a living work in us. It do...
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