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Marketing 101: Extending Your Network

April 2002
By: Jerry Thacker
Our world is a connected place. People form families, have children, create networks of relatives, and on and on the relationships go. It is quite likely that those whom you do serve will know others whom you could serve. In order to reach those new clients, you need to have an active referral progr...
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A Tale of Two Lives

April 2002
By: Lynne Thompson
Kathleen: Today will be different. After all, it isn't everyday you decide to kill your child. I honestly believe there is no other option than to abort my baby. I already have three small children, and my youngest is so colicky. Now I'm pregnant with the fourth and sick all the time. I just lie aro...
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Searching for Home Sweet Maternity Home

April 2002
By: Paula Smith
Housing is often one of the highest needs for clients who are homeless or in dangerous living environments. However, there are many less obvious reasons a client might benefit from a maternity home setting.One of the keys to having a strong pregnancy resource center is the ability to coordinate the ...
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Reaching the Abortion-Minded Client: Success Stories

April 2002
By: Thomas Glessner
PHOTO BY TOM WEIGANDMany centers are acknowledging frustration over the fact that their ministries are becoming more social welfare agencies than cutting edge forces to reduce abortion.During the past decade, pregnancy help centers have reported that they are seeing fewer abortion-minded women annua...
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Hurting Helpers

April 2002
By: David O'Leary
You have seen it in counselors, in volunteers, and in helpers—the people who want to help, who want to minister, who want to reach out. Perhaps, you have seen it in yourself. Even as you see their love, you detect some other element in the background—a power, a motivation, a craving. For good or bad...
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