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Marketing 101: First Impressions

April 2005
By: Jerry Thacker
Retailers have studied consumer behavior for many years. They have experimented with the way stores are laid out and lighted. They have tinkered with the size of product "facings," that is, the width of packaging facing the consumer, and they have even had trackers follow consumers around to see wha...
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At the Rural Center: Getting New Volunteers

April 2005
By: Dinah Monahan
Recently I was talking to a rural center director who was sharing her concerns about the lack of volunteers. "People seem interested when I talk to them," she said, "but they never come in." I think every center can relate to that. Compounding that problem, many centers don't adequately follow up wh...
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Reward Your Volunteers

April 2005
By: Mark Hiehle
Volunteers are the life of any pregnancy center. The impact and effectiveness of nearly every center would be drastically reduced if there were no volunteers. Honoring and thanking volunteers should always be a high priority.Operating on a limited budget, how can a center afford to show appreciation...
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Hearing Your Deaf Client

April 2005
By: Linda Burris
Prepare a list of questions for new deaf clientsso that you can arrange to have what theyneed when they come in to your center.The phone rings at the center, and you answer as usual. However, you realize that this is no ordinary call. There is a TTY (Text Telephone Yoke) relay service operator on th...
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Precious' Gift

April 2005
By: Teresa Billingsley
A thirteen-year old girl was given a surprise birthday party to commemorate her special day. Her parents waited until everyone left before presenting her with their gift."Precious," her mother said as she sat her daughter down. "Your father and I discussed it, and we think it is time to give you som...
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