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At the Rural Center: Finding Grants

April 2006
By: Dinah Monahan
For many rural center directors, the idea of writing grants seems too overwhelming. They feel they have to hire a grant writer. This is true of the large federal and state grants, but not of corporate or foundation grants. The question I often hear is, "Where do I find these grants?" The truth is, t...
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Equipping Volunteers for Service

April 2006
By: Barbara Willsher
Equipping a volunteer begins the moment we welcome her into the center. Her first lesson is the picture we give her of the work we do and how she might become part of it. The welcome packet contains information about the center, an application, references requests, and basic governing documents. The...
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Taking Charge of Gossip

April 2006
By: David O'Leary
There were three pastors who were sharing together. The first one said, "I have a serious problem with lust." The second one said, "I hear you, brother. I have a terrible problem with greed and stealing." The third one said, "I have a problem with gossip and I can't wait to get out of here and tell ...
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First Contact

April 2006
By: Sydna Massé
Helping Post-Abortion Clients Discover Your MinistryPerhaps the greatest element discouraging post-abortion individuals from contacting a ministry program for help after their abortion is the fear that their contact will lead to judgment and rejection. Their anxious hearts sit in silent prisons of p...
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April 2006
By: Kelley Walker Perry
Life and death converge daily on Arlington Avenue, yet none of that street's busy travelers notice. No one seems to realize that within blocks vital choices are being made. • That street holds special significance for me concerning my own defining moment of decision. There, just two days before Moth...
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