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Marketing 101: Extending Your Network

April 2010
By: Jerry Thacker
Our world is a connected place. People form families, have children, create networks of relatives, and on and on the relationships go. It is quite likely that those whom you do serve will know others whom you could serve. In order to reach those new clients, you need to have an active referral progr...
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Too Many Chickens?

April 2010
By: Ron Haas
Every chicken farmer knows that you can put only so many chickens in a coop before you start losing productivity. The same principle applies to non-profit organizations. Cram too much ministry into too small of space and you'll struggle to be effective. Are you running out of ministry space, meeting...
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Does Bigger Always Mean Better?

April 2010
By: Mark Hiehle
In the culture and society in which we live, we hear the motto all the time — Bigger is Better. We are asked if we want to super size our fries or trade up for a bigger home. We shop at the superstores, and we love our SUVs. There is nothing wrong with any of these, but is bigger really better...
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Are You Obtaining Words, Graphics, and Pictures Legally?

April 2010
By: Amanda Naugle and Jerry Thacker
Patty was working on the center's monthly newsletter. In desperate need of that perfect baby picture for the front cover, she ventured onto the Internet. The pregnancy resource center where she volunteered had limited financial resources. While she did not have problems obtaining copy because there ...
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Handling Board and Organizational Conflict: The Board Chaplain

April 2010
By: Thomas Glessner
Successfully working through board and staff conflict within a Pregnancy Resource Center organization has been a challenge over the years. Many PRCs have suffered serious decline after going through destructive personnel conflicts, and some have faced serious legal issues resulting from failed effor...
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