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Marketing 101

July 2000
By: Jerry Thacker
In our last column we presumed that your center would know what to do with a woman in crisis who walked in the door. But getting those in crisis to come through the door takes much more than just rendering quality services. When it comes to the location of your center, there are three criteria for ...
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Cable Spots, Affordable TV Advertising

July 2000
By: Marjori Masitto Krause
Television offers one of the most expensive and effective methods of mass-advertising. Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Pregnancy Care Centers are finding that television advertising has generated an increase in phone calls of 33% to 200%. In this article you'll find some straightforward recommendations...
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Guidelines for Political Involvement by Pregnancy Help Centers

July 2000
By: Thomas Glessner
We are in a crucial election year with much at stake in the political arena for the Pro-Life movement. Every election year, candidates for public office who are friendly to the Pro-Life cause approach pregnancy help centers to enlist their support. However, most centers are confused as to what polit...
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Maternal Instincts Betrayed: Post-Abortion Syndrome

July 2000
By: Patricia Mondore
What young girl hasn't dreamed of the day when she would have a baby of her own? It is one of the most natural desires a woman can have. When misused, however, this God-given desire can lead to some serious consequences. The society we live in today has practically put its blessing upon sexual grati...
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Choose Life

July 2000
By: Russ Amerling
"." It's a simple statement with an important message. For some years now Florida has made personalized license plates available in support of many special interest groups including universities, sports teams, and environmental and social causes. Soon, for a donation of $22, Florida residents will ...
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