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Volunteer Recruitment

July 2001
By: Barbara Willsher
We always should remember that we need volunteers more than they need us. There are many worthy places where a person can donate time. All of these worthy places are vying for volunteers' time. Your center is one of them. And the work of the center cannot be done without generous donations of time.W...
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Marketing 101: Using Communication Tools to Build Relationships and Raise Money

July 2001
By: Jerry Thacker
When most people think of advertising and promotion, they think of the vehicles that are used, such as letters, e-mails, and advertisements. But what are the differences between each of the various ways used to reach people?First, consider what a mail piece really is. It is a substitute for face-to-...
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Rebuilding Your Life

July 2001
By: David O'Leary
When you want to rebuild your life, where do you begin? I imagine that each one of us has reached a point at which we wanted to turn around, start over, and begin the journey back home. Perhaps you were kicked out of school or out of your home; perhaps you were fired from the best job you ever had; ...
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Reaching Out to Men

July 2001
By: Paula Smith
Brian is sitting on the floral-print sofa in your waiting room. His NASCAR sweatshirt and grease-stained jeans are a stark contrast to the tidy room with its dried-rose wreath and its watercolor painting of a mother nursing her baby.Photo by Terry WildHe nervously runs his fingers through his alread...
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A Different Road

July 2001
By: Laura Baker
People often choose the wrong road andend up where they'd rather not be. When thathappens, it's time to choose .Ten years ago the Lord stirred within my heart a desire to help hurting, wounded women. I had done some one-on-one counseling for several years but felt God burdening me to do more and to ...
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