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MARKETING 101: Viral Education

July 2008
By: Jerry Thacker
Not too long ago I wrote a paper for one of my PhD classes. In the paper, I mentioned something that I learned from the writings of the great management philosopher, Dr. Peter F. Drucker who died a few years ago. Peter talked about the fact that people today may have to be in the workforce for 50 ye...
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AT THE RURAL CENTER: The Frontline of Fatherhood

July 2008
By: Dinah Monahan
I just watched the movie, The Great Debaters, starring Denzel Washington. I loved everything about the movie but was moved to tears over one scene in particular. For the 14-year-old young man in the 1940s, the debate trip out of town was an incredible opportunity. However, he witnessed the disturbin...
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A Baby No One Wanted

July 2008
By: Allison Shoup
Over and over I have heard the arguments on why abortion should be legal. Even those who do not count themselves in the 'women's rights' category often agree that in tragic cases a woman has the right to dispose of her unborn baby. Among the most popular of these 'justified' reasons for abortion are...
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Precious Rubble

July 2008
By: Sheri Del Core
For years it was on my heart to volunteer at the Pregnancy Resource Center in town. As my children became more independent and after some personal schedule pruning, the time was finally right, and I began training. I thought my life experiences would be helpful in counseling women in crisis pregnanc...
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Focus on the Heart

July 2008
By: Dianne Pomon
There is no better place to be than within the will of God. We must ask ourselves, "Are we seeking to know and follow God in our ministries as well as our private lives?" As a busy director for more than 15 years, I have found myself often making decisions in response to circumstances with...
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