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MARKETING 101: Stop, Think, and Share

July 2011
By: Jerry Thacker
A recent discussion in our PhD class centered upon the lack of attention our children seem to be paying to things around them. This phenomenon, which I call "social autism" in which students are wired into iPods and mp3 players, creates people who are listening to one world while walking around in a...
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He Pushed Me, I Pulled Him

July 2011
By: Ron Haas
A missionary in Central Asia took his family for a hike in the countryside and walked by a rock foundation of an abandoned building. He noticed two 10-year-old boys playing on top of the wall, but there didn't seem to be any easy way to scale the wall. So he asked, "How did you boys get up there?" O...
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Seeing From God's Perspective

July 2011
By: Mark Hiehle
Have you ever been surprised to discover that a situation was very different when you saw it from a different perspective? I heard a story of two mothers talking about their children one day. As they talked, one mom said to her friend, "My life has been transformed." "What happened?" "I took your ad...
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Defending Against Anti-PRC Legislation: An Update

July 2011
By: Thomas Glessner
Over the last several years, Pregnancy Resource Centers and Medical Clinics (PRCs) have faced intense efforts by the abortion industry — led by Planned Parenthood (PP) and NARAL — to pass restrictive legislation that would severely restrict operations and close down some PRCs. Recent ba...
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Counseling for Change

July 2011
By: Dianne Pomon
I walked past the counseling room where two volunteer client advisors sat reading and discussing the latest article I'd given them on nouthetic counseling. They were excited and animated as they shared counseling sessions and how they had used God's Word effectively in reaching out to clients who pr...
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