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Connections for life, part 1

January 2022
By: Stuart Carver
As a relational discipleship engineer and replicator, it is my God given job to specialize in making connections between the Body of Christ and people in need. Creating sustained connections of this kind take more than simply telling people how to do something. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where ther...
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Connections for life, part 2

January 2022
By: Stuart Carver
As we saw in Part 1, the disconnect is real.  The Body of Christ and life affirming ministry haven’t been connected as God wants them to be for a long, long time. Many center directors at the Missouri conference told me of their hearts’ desire to see the Body of Christ more close...
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Are American churches ready to practice what they preach?

January 2022
By: Trevor Holloway
It is indeed an exciting time for the pro-life movement in America. As reported by the US news agency NPR, “For the first time in nearly a half century, there is a six-justice conservative supermajority on the U.S. Supreme Court — six justices with clearly expressed views against abortio...
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Sanctuary cities protect the unborn

August 2021
By: Michele Shoun
On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, with President Joe Biden in office only 24 hours, he and Vice President Kamala Harris issued a statement unequivocally supporting the “right to choose” abortion. The Biden-Harris administration announced it was “deeply committed to making sure eve...
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Having a plan for greater engagement with churches

January 2021
By: Michele D. Shoun
If you follow Alpha Grand Rapids’ Facebook page, you’ll notice a positive point of view in every post. For instance, it was refreshing to read on December 16, 2020:  “AGR is thankful for our church partners in the community! Churches are an essential part of what we do he...
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