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Pregnancy Centers and the Local Church: Partners in Life or Adversaries in Ministry? — Part 2

July 2011
By: Elaine Ham
Have you ever been frustrated by a friend who invited you out to lunch only to discover their real motive for the invitation was to sell you cosmetics or vitamins? Did the luncheon built on false pretenses grow your friendship, or did it disappoint you that your friend had been less than totally hon...
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Pregnancy Centers and the Local Church: Partners in Life or Adversaries in Ministry?

April 2011
By: Elaine Ham
After 15 years in the pregnancy resource center/medical clinic ministry, not much that I hear surprises me. However, recently I spoke with a pregnancy resource executive director who made the statement that her biggest enemy was the church because they would not financially support her center. That ...
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Staying Connected: Social Networking for Center Success!

January 2011
By: Caroline Rhoads
Ten years ago no one had ever heard of the concept of "social networking." The Internet changed advertising forever by providing us with wonderful networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and blogging. Just four years ago, students were the only ones to have a Facebook account. Today most A...
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Preserving a Dying Legacy

October 2010
By: Tera Hilliard
"I am a Black American and a great-granddaughter of Booker T. Washington, who led the poorest and most illiterate among his race up from slavery shortly after the end of the Civil War. When I speak on his legacy, I reflect on the fact that the history of our race in the United States has always been...
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The Church and the Single Mom

July 2010
By: Jennifer Barnes Maggio
She walks into the church and cautiously looks around with her four-year-old daughter in tow. She hesitantly makes her way to a pew at the back of the church and sits quietly, thumbing through her Bible, avoiding eye contact at all costs. She has contemplated this day for months. She wonders if she ...
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