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Center Ethics: A Reflection

January 2012
By: Dianne Pomon
No matter how successful our PCC ministries appear on the surface, it is wise as directors to reflect back on ministry activities and examine our actions as leaders as well as that of our board of directors. Do we reflect a biblical standard of ethics as we oversee our centers? Do we exhibit strong ...
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Fishing for Foundations

October 2011
By: Ron Haas
Does it make sense for your organization to hire a full-time grant writer and pursue an aggressive foundation strategy? In 2010, foundation grants accounted for $41 billion, which was 14 percent of the $290.89 billion charitable gift total. There are approximately 100,000 foundations in the United S...
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Centerboard: Stepping Up to the Challenge

October 2011
By: Tom Lothamer
IT IS EASIER TO KEEP A DONOR THAN TO RAISE ONE My column last summer reflected on the worrisome economic conditions of those days. Sadly, not much has changed between then and now. I continue to hear from friends about the struggles their ministries are facing. One told me that income in 2009 and 2...
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He Pushed Me, I Pulled Him

July 2011
By: Ron Haas
A missionary in Central Asia took his family for a hike in the countryside and walked by a rock foundation of an abandoned building. He noticed two 10-year-old boys playing on top of the wall, but there didn't seem to be any easy way to scale the wall. So he asked, "How did you boys get up there?" O...
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Fundraising is for the Birds: Critical Lessons from the Life of Elijah

April 2011
By: Ron Haas
Fundraising gets a bad rap among some Christian leaders who are uncomfortable with asking for money. They cite George Müller and Hudson Taylor as examples of great Christian men who told their needs to no one but God. Some modify that approach and are willing to share "full information" with do...
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