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Center Ethics: A Reflection

January 2012
By: Dianne Pomon
No matter how successful our PCC ministries appear on the surface, it is wise as directors to reflect back on ministry activities and examine our actions as leaders as well as that of our board of directors. Do we reflect a biblical standard of ethics as we oversee our centers? Do we exhibit strong ...
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Preparation for Future Attacks in the Upcoming 2012 Legislative Sessions

October 2011
By: Thomas Glessner
The last few years have brought forth intense legislative attacks against Pregnancy Resource Centers and Medical Clinics (PRCs/PRMCs). NIFLA has been deeply involved in these battles and has reported on them in detail in past issues of Legal Tips. Legislation to curtail the operations of PRCs/PRMCs...
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Defending Against Anti-PRC Legislation: An Update

July 2011
By: Thomas Glessner
Over the last several years, Pregnancy Resource Centers and Medical Clinics (PRCs) have faced intense efforts by the abortion industry — led by Planned Parenthood (PP) and NARAL — to pass restrictive legislation that would severely restrict operations and close down some PRCs. Recent ba...
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Protecting Minors Who Are Being Forced to Abort

January 2011
By: Anne O'Connor
More and more pregnancy care centers are dealing with situations where a pregnant minor does not want to have an abortion, but her parents are pressuring her to get one. Many daughters feel coerced against their will by their parents to choose abortion. PCCs need to support the minor in her decision...
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Effective Life-Saving Ultrasound Legislation

October 2010
By: Thomas Glessner
The use of limited ultrasound by medical pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) to confirm the presence of a viable intrauterine pregnancy in abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable clientele has a powerful impact upon women contemplating abortion. Because of this, efforts have been made in various state...
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Centerboard: Mind Your IRS Ps & Qs

October 2010
By: Tom Lothamer
A friend recently called to warn me about an IRS crackdown. They're going after tax-exempt organizations that have failed to satisfy annual filing requirements for three consecutive years, and the penalty is severe: loss of tax-exempt status. A trip to the IRS website confirmed the danger. Clicking...
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