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Building a Foundation of Prayer for Your Board of Directors

October 2004
By: Tom Lothamer
By not spending a significant amount of time in prayer, boards are missing one of the greatest opportunities for fellowship with the Lord and each other. At the first meeting I attended as a member of our local school board, one of my colleagues asked, "What is our role as board members? What ar...
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Developing Standards for Excellence

April 2002
By: Tom Lothamer
Having parked her car three blocks away, Becky finally reached the Celebrate Life Pregnancy Center. She was a little out of breath and was growing impatient. With only an obscure sign in one window, the center had been hard to find. What's more, it provided no parking spaces. Now she had to pick her...
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The Joys of Fundraising: Resource Development

January 2002
By: Tom Lothamer and Michele D. Shoun
A solid resource development program will take your eyes off the bottom line and give you a new perspective of the process of developing a wider array of resources. "It never hurts to ask." That's what my assistant, Linda, said after making the call to a concert promoter. I'd suggested she ask him ...
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