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Reward Your Volunteers

April 2005
By: Mark Hiehle
Volunteers are the life of any pregnancy center. The impact and effectiveness of nearly every center would be drastically reduced if there were no volunteers. Honoring and thanking volunteers should always be a high priority.Operating on a limited budget, how can a center afford to show appreciation...
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How Did We Get Here?

October 2003
By: Mark Hiehle
As you look at our country today and see a culture that has grown accustomed to murder, violence, homosexuality, abortion-on-demand, and see the national acceptance of removing all references to God from public life, have you ever asked the question: "" As a nation founded upon Christian principles,...
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Good News, Bad News - Spiritual Warfare

January 2003
By: Mark Hiehle
How many times have you had someone begin to tell you something and start with the phrase: "I've got some good news and some bad news"? When my children went back to school after the summer break, it was good news at first, and then it turned into bad news. I was glad to get our home back onto a reg...
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Avoiding Ministry Stagnation

October 2002
By: Mark Hiehle
Within the pregnancy care center ministry, every person from the receptionist to the center's board members plays a vital role. The jobs that are performed may be different, but one position is not more important than another. Every instrument in an orchestra plays a different part. When each instru...
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Without a Vision

October 2001
By: Mark Hiehle
We have all experienced it and been frustrated by it -- losing sight of our original vision. It can happen to an individual, a church, a corporation, and even a crisis pregnancy center (CPC). When it happens, the proverb echoes the truth: ", the people perish." But the converse is also true: "With a...
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