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How to Impart the Love of Jesus Christ to Today's Post-Abortive Women

January 2008
By: Sydna Massé
Here are several ideas for loving women in the midst of pain:Encourage them to read their Bibles—Nothing is more inspirational than reading about Jesus healing the blind, ministering to the oppressed, and loving the sinful. Create a daily reading plan that includes reading one chapter in the New Tes...
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Eliminating Global Male Hatred in Pregnancy Centers

April 2007
By: Sydna Massé and Clarence Shuler
"Max" summons his courage as he parks his car at the local pregnancy center. He's been walking an emotional tightrope for three days since his girlfriend's home pregnancy test was positive. Max has worked to be physically and emotionally supportive, telling her, "I'll find help." While he believes a...
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First Contact

April 2006
By: Sydna Massé
Helping Post-Abortion Clients Discover Your MinistryPerhaps the greatest element discouraging post-abortion individuals from contacting a ministry program for help after their abortion is the fear that their contact will lead to judgment and rejection. Their anxious hearts sit in silent prisons of p...
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Adoption Agency Referrals

October 2005
By: Sydna Massé
How do you determine which adoption agencies you can refer to? Here are some ideas.Establish relationships with the individuals running these organizations. Your goal is to determine whether they are able to minister to clients in a nonjudgmental, unbiased manner. Remember that some agencies work fo...
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The Abortion-Vulnerable: Children of Pregnancy Care Center Workers

April 2005
By: Sydna Massé
Since I started working with pregnancy care centers in 1991, I have heard many heartbreaking stories from directors and staff about their own children's crisis pregnancy experiences. Pregnancy center workers are modern-day missionaries. Their children are vulnerable to attack just as are other missi...
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An Electronic Lifeline: Ministering on the Internet

April 2004
By: Sydna Massé
Judy sits alone in her apartment contemplating a life and death decision. She fears judgment and rejection from those who might discover her crisis pregnancy. Despair has settled upon her soul. She hears a voice in her head telling her that abortion is her only "unselfish" option. Yet there is anoth...
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