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Centerboard: Spiritual Discernment in the Decision-Making Process

January 2012
By: Tom Lothamer
The job of the board of directors is to make decisions on behalf of the organization. Some decisions will be simple or routine; others — such as initiating new programs, cutting programs or staff, changing a name, and so forth — will have a lasting impact. How should a board make those d...
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Fishing for Foundations

October 2011
By: Ron Haas
Does it make sense for your organization to hire a full-time grant writer and pursue an aggressive foundation strategy? In 2010, foundation grants accounted for $41 billion, which was 14 percent of the $290.89 billion charitable gift total. There are approximately 100,000 foundations in the United S...
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Preparation for Future Attacks in the Upcoming 2012 Legislative Sessions

October 2011
By: Thomas Glessner
The last few years have brought forth intense legislative attacks against Pregnancy Resource Centers and Medical Clinics (PRCs/PRMCs). NIFLA has been deeply involved in these battles and has reported on them in detail in past issues of Legal Tips. Legislation to curtail the operations of PRCs/PRMCs...
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It's That Time Again — Back to School

October 2011
By: Sherry Camelleri
Parents have been busy securing school supply lists, organizing clothing, and shopping for necessary items to prepare their children for a new school year. Activity forms must be completed and special equipment purchased. Perhaps a basic physical and proof of insurance coverage along with registrati...
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Dream to Vision to Reality

October 2011
By: Pat Stonestreet
At one time or another, every center director has a dream for the center. Taking that dream to reality can be an arduous task, but one well worth the effort. God clearly states in His Word that without vision, the people perish. It would not be much of a reach to also say that without vision a minis...
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