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I Like Your Boldness

July 2009
By: Ron Haas
Should you ask a major donor for a specific gift amount? John D. Rockefeller once instructed some fundraising volunteers on the finer points of asking for a gift, "I do not like to have anyone tell me what it is my duty to give. But I do like a person to say to me, 'We are trying to raise $4,000,000...
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MARKETING 101: Freebay

April 2009
By: Jerry Thacker
You've heard of EBay; why not hold a FREEbay? You want to let people know about your services. You've printed and handed out referral cards. You've let appropriate social services agencies know. You've even advertised with billboards and on Christian radio. Here's an idea you might want to implem...
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My Board Won't Raise Money

April 2009
By: Ron Haas
Maybe you don't verbalize your feelings in a board meeting, but your frustrations are real. Your board members expect you to raise all the money, but they don't lift a finger to help. Even worse—some of them don't give at all. If you feel this way, you are not alone. Countless nonprofit execut...
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Thank You, Elaine Williams

January 2009
In Romans, chapter 16, the apostle Paul is inspired by the Holy Spirit to publicly thank individuals who have been used by God to minister to others and to himself. We would like to follow that scriptural example by expressing our heartfelt gratitude to Elaine Williams, who has been the assistant ed...
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Centerboard: Who's my boss, anyway?

October 2007
By: Tom Lothamer
I recently introduced one of my board members this way: "Donna serves on our board and is one my bosses." Everyone laughed, but I immediately became aware of my mistake. I regularly hear from PCC executive directors who are struggling with the problem of having too many bosses. Individual board mem...
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