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Connections for life, part 1

January 2022
By: Stuart Carver
As a relational discipleship engineer and replicator, it is my God given job to specialize in making connections between the Body of Christ and people in need. Creating sustained connections of this kind take more than simply telling people how to do something. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where ther...
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Connections for life, part 2

January 2022
By: Stuart Carver
As we saw in Part 1, the disconnect is real.  The Body of Christ and life affirming ministry haven’t been connected as God wants them to be for a long, long time. Many center directors at the Missouri conference told me of their hearts’ desire to see the Body of Christ more close...
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How you can make a difference for life internationally

January 2022
By: Phil Holsinger
Ten years ago, a small group of Americans began looking into starting a pregnancy resource organization (PRO) in eastern Europe. The idea had sprouted when a couple of men in the group had been on a business-as-missions tour to the area the previous year.  They brought me into the loop to se...
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One volunteer's testimony

July 2020
By: Ann L. Coker
May 1993 marked my third year as a volunteer counselor at a pregnancy care center. My timeslot was Friday afternoons, but it was like any other day at the center when counselors struggled not only with the clients' needs but also with our own inadequacies.  The problems of sexual promisc...
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Good Soil is for PCCs

January 2020
Women who contact pregnancy care centers are looking for answers, a confident caring friend, counsel regarding one of the most important decisions they have ever faced, and—in many cases—inner peace and hope.  A Bible-based Christian care center provides answers to their questio...
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