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Protecting Minors Who Are Being Forced to Abort

January 2011
By: Anne O'Connor
More and more pregnancy care centers are dealing with situations where a pregnant minor does not want to have an abortion, but her parents are pressuring her to get one. Many daughters feel coerced against their will by their parents to choose abortion. PCCs need to support the minor in her decision...
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Consumer Product Safety: Its Application to PRCs

January 2010
By: Anne O'Connor
The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) is a federal law that regulates the resale/redistribution of used consumer products. This law applies to pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) that distribute used items to clients through Earn While You Learn and similar programs. It is unlawf...
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New 990 Return: Conflict of Interest Policy

April 2008
By: Anne O'Connor
Beginning in 2009 every Pregnancy Resource Center/Clinic will be required by the Internal Revenue Service to file a new revised Form 990-Informational Tax Return. NIFLA wants to prepare you for what new items will be required on this return.The IRS is now inquiring about whether non-profit tax-exemp...
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Understanding Emancipation of Minors

January 2008
By: Anne O'Connor
In the pregnancy help center/clinic setting, there are times when minors seeking our assistance may have questions about emancipation from their parents. Answers to questions regarding obtaining medical care, child support, and material assistance many times depend upon whether or not the client/pat...
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Evangelism: The Core of the Pregnancy Resource Center/Clinic Ministry

October 2007
By: Thomas Glessner and Anne O'Connor
Pregnancy Resource Centers/Clinics exist to provide alternatives to abortion and provide life-affirming choices to abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable women. At the core of this mission is also the need to present to clientele the message of the gospel. Every client/patient of a PRC has a deep s...
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