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When Is Your Due Date? (To Own, Build, or Expand Your Center)

October 2003
By: Patrick McLaughlin and Ron Haas
It's true. You'll know when the time is right to purchase or build a new facility. Last year we helped more than one hundred fifty ministries raise capital for buildings, programs, and additional staff. Take to heart these principals of sound planning and apply them to your center.First things first...
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Relationship Marketing: God's Plan For The Ages And Your Center

October 2002
By: Patrick McLaughlin
I have been consulting with Christian ministries since 1981. Since then, I have served well over 1,000 different ministry organizations, in a number of countries.Some of the hardest working servants in the kingdom today are directors of pregnancy centers throughout the USA and Canada. They write, sp...
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The Church and the Center: An Uneasy Marriage

October 2001
By: Patrick McLaughlin
A pregnancy resource center needs to be a ministry partner with the local churches in its area. You, as a center, can be their outreach arm to meet the pro-life needs in your city, town, or village.As a former pastor, seminary graduate, short-term overseas missionary, and long-time church man, I bel...
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No Free Lunch?

July 2001
By: Patrick McLaughlin
If your fundraising dinners aren't increasing your center's support, they aren't fundraisers. You need a new approach.Do those fundraising dinners really work anymore?That's a question I am asked on a monthly basis, and sometimes it seems weekly. I am always careful about how I answer. After twenty ...
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Major Lessons for Reaching Major Donors

January 2001
By: Patrick McLaughlin
All of us in the business of discipling stewards (fund-raising) need to have in our comprehensive stewardship program a strategy for reaching major donors. Bigger dollar amounts add up faster; hence major donor work is very fruitful and exciting. Bear the following things in mind, and they will help...
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