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Salvaged Wrechage: God's Specialty

October 2006
By: Laura Baker
It was at the first night of Prasso, a 12-week discipleship class, that I noticed her. She had chosen a seat near the door. Judging from the distant, cautious look in her eyes, her choice of seating was no accident. Escape for her would be easy if she felt uncomfortable. As I taught the class, I won...
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January 2002
By: Laura Baker
God will many times allow us to have what we want, but later we bear the sorrow of our choice!It is very sad to watch someone make decisions that you know ultimately will result in the devastation of his life. It is sadder still when he makes his decision in blatant rebellion against what he knows i...
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A Different Road

July 2001
By: Laura Baker
People often choose the wrong road andend up where they'd rather not be. When thathappens, it's time to choose .Ten years ago the Lord stirred within my heart a desire to help hurting, wounded women. I had done some one-on-one counseling for several years but felt God burdening me to do more and to ...
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Please Help Me

April 2001
By: Laura Baker
It is important for a teen mom to understand how to identify and implement right choices in her life.The scene was all-too-familiar: a terrified, pregnant fourteen-year-old sobbing, "I'm so dirty, I'm so dirty." Already, the guilt was overwhelming. Unequipped to handle the reality of impending mothe...
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