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Grant Writing - Part IV

October 2000
By: A. A. Baker
This is the last of a series of four articles on grant writing. If you are a first-time reader, I suggest that you read the three previous articles (see links at the bottom of this article). They will give you a good overview.For those of you who are already familiar with grant writing, let me sugge...
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Grant Writing - Part III

July 2000
By: A. A. Baker
We will assume that you have done your homework and that you have some point of contact with the foundation to whom you are writing. This contact might have come from an introduction provided by a board member (their board or yours) or by a friend, or it might have come from an introduction gained b...
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Grant Writing - Part II

April 2000
By: A. A. Baker
Even if you have never written a grant proposal before, don't be intimidated by the process. The first step in successful grant writing is to research the foundation and determine its area of interest, the requirements for submitting a proposal, and the average size of the grants it awards. Next, s...
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Writing Grant Proposals

January 2000
By: A. A. Baker
The probability of your proposal's getting any attention at all is minimal -- unless you have an edge. Here we are at a typical board meeting of the average non-profit organization. As usual, the need for more funding is near the top of the agenda. Then someone makes a statement that is predictable...
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