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The Pro-Life Pulpit

January 2005
By: Lynne Thompson
The choir sang "Children of the Heavenly Father" as the congregation entered the church one January morning. Each person was handed a card and then ushered to his seat. Most cards displayed stars, while others had a check mark on them. When the music stopped, the deacon requested those with cards be...
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When Good Girls Fall

January 2004
By: Lynne Thompson
It couldn't have happened to a nicer girl. Jana was a leader. Three days a week she taught Bible to young girls in Juvenile Hall. She also mentored two girls out of prison. And she was a nanny for two families. • Jana was involved in the church. She attended worship service on Sunday mornings. She m...
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For Such a Time as This

January 2003
By: Lynne Thompson
It wasn't exactly "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," but it was very close. David Strobel, M.D., was a family physician from the sleepy town of Austin, Minnesota, population: 23,000.At a monthly meeting of the Mower County Medical Society, Dr. Strobel agreed to be an alternative representative at the M...
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A Tale of Two Lives

April 2002
By: Lynne Thompson
Kathleen: Today will be different. After all, it isn't everyday you decide to kill your child. I honestly believe there is no other option than to abort my baby. I already have three small children, and my youngest is so colicky. Now I'm pregnant with the fourth and sick all the time. I just lie aro...
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