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She was an Atheist

April 2005
By: Christa March
Founder and Executive Director of Teen Mother Choices, Inc.By the time Laura joined our center, we had been serving parenting teenage mothers for nearly 10 years. We thought we had seen and heard everything about teenage mothers, and then came Laura. The minute Laura became a member of our northern ...
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The Five Life Roles of a Teenage Mother

January 2004
By: Christa March
In 1989 the ministry of Teen Mother Choices (TMC) began providing Lifeskills Workshops to the parenting teenage mothers it served. The purpose of the workshops is to build community, provide practical information, and link teenage mothers with community services. The method of the workshops wasn't s...
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Understanding Parenting Teenage Mothers

October 2000
By: Christa March
In 1988, while looking for organizations specifically serving parenting teenage mothers, I was saddened by the realization that very few such organizations existed. There were many organizations serving pregnant teenage mothers. However, after the birth of the child, few resources were available for...
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