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We need a missional model of medicine

August 2021
By: Mark B. Blocher
This article is excerpted with permission from a forthcoming book by Mark Blocher, Missional Medicine: Restoring the Soul of Healthcare, due out in September. Watch this space for updates on how to obtain copies, or inquire at Mark's vision is for the Christian community to...
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Abortifacients and the Sixth Commandment

January 2004
By: Mark Blocher
Within the pro-abortion community there is a strong movement toward using prescription drugs of dubious safety to induce abortions. Pharmaceutical companies such as Searle, Pharmacia, and subsidiaries of the German conglomerate Hoechst A.G. stand to make billions of dollars in profits if so-called "...
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The Perilous Pursuits of Stem Cell Research

January 2002
By: Mark Blocher
Promises from the advocates of embryonic stem cell research and human cloning cannot be trusted. These proponents are of the same ilk as the proponents of in vitro fertilization, who in the 1970s said that we would not produce multiple embryos for every one we implanted. But doctors are doing just t...
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What the New Genetic Technologies Mean for the Pro-Life Movement

October 2000
By: Mark Blocher
"Genetics provides the ultimate answers to the chemical underpinnings of human existence. Knowing the complete human genome, we will know what it is to be human." -- James Watson, Nobel laureateNo one denies that the acquisition of genetic knowledge and the development of genetic technologies carry ...
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