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Equipping Volunteers for Service

April 2006
By: Barbara Willsher
Equipping a volunteer begins the moment we welcome her into the center. Her first lesson is the picture we give her of the work we do and how she might become part of it. The welcome packet contains information about the center, an application, references requests, and basic governing documents. The...
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Volunteer Appreciation

April 2004
By: Barbara Willsher
Among those who work at the center, probably no one needs and deserves appreciation more than the volunteer. This woman could invest her life anywhere. She is not filling up empty hours but is giving her precious time. The work she does is of great worth, but she receives little recognition for it. ...
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Volunteer Recruitment

July 2001
By: Barbara Willsher
We always should remember that we need volunteers more than they need us. There are many worthy places where a person can donate time. All of these worthy places are vying for volunteers' time. Your center is one of them. And the work of the center cannot be done without generous donations of time.W...
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