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Caring Spiritually for Male Volunteers

January 2005
By: Jim Pye
"Sam" appeared at the center wanting to talk. His wife had divorced him and taken the house. He had lost his job and endured three surgeries. Sam was living in a motel. He was almost broke, severely depressed, and suicidal."Joe" suffers from a debilitating arthritic condition at the age of twenty-fo...
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Discerning a Client's Spiritual State

October 2004
By: Jim Pye
Counseling with women and men who are facing crisis pregnancies and/orbeing screened for STDs presents both challenges and opportunities. Perhapsour most difficult task is discerning where he or she is spiritually.The challenge of discerningThe basis for this discernment always must be sound doctrin...
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Fishers of Men

January 2003
By: Jim Pye
"Follow me, and I will make you ." This simple, yet eloquent, promise is rich with practical implications for ministries to men. Of course, Jesus was referring to mankind in His use of the word "men," so His words apply to all efforts to disseminate the Gospel. Still, many efforts are targeted at on...
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