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Making Your Grant Proposal Persuasive

October 2004
By: Peggy Hartshorn
Editor's note: The "Parts of the Proposal" mentioned in this article are defined and discussed in "Speaking the Language of Grant Proposals" in At the Center, volume 5, number 2, Spring/Summer 2004. You can read it by clicking here.A grant proposal is a piece of persuasion. That is, the writer tries...
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Speaking the Language of Grant Proposals

April 2004
By: Peggy Hartshorn
In applying for grants, it can be a challenge to try to understand the terminology used by foundations and other grantors. Let's demystify some of that language to help you meet the grantor's expectations.What is a Program?The funder will ask you to describe your "program." If you teach prenatal cla...
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Grants - Applying for Federal Funds: Faith-based Initiatives

January 2004
By: Peggy Hartshorn
If your center has already received federal funding, perhaps for an abstinence program, and you are looking for additional dollars, start at the faith-based web site: Also, attend one of the regional conferences on faith-based initiatives. Each state should have an office for faith-bas...
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