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Tough Questions

January 2010
By: Shauna Amick
A young woman stepped up to the microphone, hands trembling ever so slightly, and started telling her story. She had gotten a routine ultrasound when she was four months pregnant, and that ultrasound indicated that her baby would be born with Down syndrome. The next phase of her journey brought h...
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Call in the Reinforcements

January 2009
By: Shauna Amick
Pressure involves being backed into somebody else's corner. Some of those tight spots feel worse than others, yet they all have a few things in common. They're uncomfortable. We might reluctantly give in, or we may be forced to temporarily give up. Either way, pressure can be overpowering. Whethe...
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On-the-Job Training

January 2006
By: Shauna Amick
I FINALLY CAN RELATE TO THE EMOTIONS OUR CLIENTS GO THROUGH WHILE DEALING WITH THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL CRISES. I AM EXPERIENCING MY OWN CRISIS PREGNANCY.Desiring to defend helpless babies, I became a volunteer at my local crisis pregnancy center four years ago. I received excellent training from the ce...
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