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Reaching the Post-Modern, Abortion-Minded Client

January 2009
By: Anna Somers
In the 1950s, if you were counseling an abortion-minded woman, you would probably appeal to her sense of morality. Abortion is illegal. Abortion kills your baby. Simply put, abortion is wrong. Much has changed in five decades. Now, abortion is not only legal, but also staunchly protected by the n...
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A Different Kind Of Burnout: When Volunteers Feel Useless

April 2008
By: Anna Somers
Our director looked despondent. "Jeanie's quitting," she said. Jeanie had just joined the center as a volunteer receptionist. "Why so soon?" I asked."She feels like she doesn't have anything to do here." I could have guessed. You see—that's the same reason I was thinking of quitting.I was a voluntee...
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