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The Role of the Nurse in the Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic

April 2000
By: Thomas Glessner
Providing Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound Because the use of ultrasound amounts to the practice of medicine, NIFLA strongly recommends that pregnancy help centers not attempt to use ultrasound unless they are operating as a licensed medical clinic under the laws of their states. The powerful impact...
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Resolving Adoption Issues

April 2000
By: Anne Pierson and Paula Smith
Adoption has experienced a major setback as abortion has moved to the top of the list of solutions for unwanted pregnancies. A 1999 survey of pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and other pro-life organizations by Loving and Caring, Inc. revealed that 82% of respondents provide adoption referrals a...
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Grant Writing - Part II

April 2000
By: A. A. Baker
Even if you have never written a grant proposal before, don't be intimidated by the process. The first step in successful grant writing is to research the foundation and determine its area of interest, the requirements for submitting a proposal, and the average size of the grants it awards. Next, s...
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Front & Center

April 2000
By: Jerry Thacker
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Welcome to the second issue of At the Center. And thanks for taking a minute to read this brief introduction to our magazine. A lot has happened since we launched the publication in January -- and we praise God! Your response to the first issue was nothing short of...
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The Example of Paul: The Post-abortive Potential in Life-affirming Efforts

January 2000
By: Sydna Massé
In the days of the early Church, the last person you would have expected God to use would have been Paul. After all, he found great satisfaction in his persecution of God's people. But when God changed his heart, Paul became one of the most vigorous evangelists. His writings still speak to us today ...
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